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Bring back the Stack search



I love the stack search, which allows me to narrow down my search in particular area what I am interested in based on my stacks. Now, I am not seeing stack search in the new versions. 

Please bring it back, this is one of the powerful feature to people who don't use tags for narrowing the search. 


If it is already exists, please let me know how to use it. 



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10 hours ago, Akilan_G said:

If it is already exists, please let me know how to use it. 

You can still do it using the search syntax


Put quotation marks around the stack name if it contains spaces

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I would like to see the stack search at minimum to have the filter option as with the notebook search.  Using the search syntax is really not a useful solution, yes it works but it's so slow and cumbersome. I'm searching all the time in stacks/notebooks and these changes are killing me.

I keep going back to Evernote Legacy, its just so much better. Hopefully this will be fixed but I worry the request has been out since last year. This is the one feature omission that will make me jump ship when they stop supporting Legacy. I have 3 premium users, hopefully our votes matter for something.

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6 minutes ago, Trevor Low said:

I'm searching all the time in stacks/notebooks

I think just bringing stacks in line with notebooks would be good. You can click on a stack name in the sidebar and bring up all the notes in the stack just like you can an individual notebook. However there is then no option to "add filter" underneath the search box and the entire filter menu is missing.

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Stacks are technically not like notebooks, because they do not „really“ exist. They are an argument (a data field) that is assigned to a notebook. This means a search for stacks is different from a search inside of a notebook.

You can use the above described search syntax stack:mystackname (without a space in between, and written in „…“ if it contains a space in the stackname). If you want to reuse it, you can create a saved search, that you can open again at any time.

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