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  1. Hi all, I share a lot of notes with my friends, families, professors, my Linked In networks, and so on. I was enjoying how convenient to share notes with a lot of people with ease until I realized how messy it got into. First, I continue to work on a few of my notes which I have already shared with others. The issue is when I revise my second version of my notes, I don't want others to see my updated notes. Yes, apparently I can see the share status of the notes when I write but when I have hundreds of notes which is shared, I am out of track. So, I request a feature where we can set an expiry date and time for the link which we are sharing. Furthermore, I would like to know how you people are managing the shared notes. Thank you
  2. Thank you all, it is working. It was my mistake, I have totally slipped to add the numbers which I have given to each stack name beginning. 😅
  3. I love the stack search, which allows me to narrow down my search in particular area what I am interested in based on my stacks. Now, I am not seeing stack search in the new versions. Please bring it back, this is one of the powerful feature to people who don't use tags for narrowing the search. If it is already exists, please let me know how to use it. Thanks
  4. Hi Agsteele, I have attached three pdf's in all pages view in one single note, and used Foxit reader to highlight all of these pdfs. But unfortunately, after some time, the first page of second and third pdf is not showing. But if I change the view to single page pdf, it's showing fine. For example, I am attaching this image which shows this issue.
  5. If two or more PDF are attached in the same note, from second PDF all the first page is blank.
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