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trouble going from free to paid version




I have a personal free account and now did a paid business account.  I am on the 14 day free trial  version but have a link with the company that introduced me to Evernote to sign up.  I want to do that but I am worried once I stop my trial version to sign up through her, I will loose everything I have done so far.  Also, I would like to use my business M/C rather than the card I used for the free trial version.  I have emailed in with my concerns and have not been answered.  I tried to use my business evernote this morning, but it says to continue, I need to upgrade. I do not want to go to any link for fear of losing everything.  Not happy I have not been answered, What are my option, if any?


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Hi. If you can sign up to your company account with a different email address, you'll keep your personal trial data with its existing sign-in details,  and have a separate account with different sign-in information with the company. You'll be able to move notes from one to the other if you need to do so.  If you try to use the same email address for both accounts you'll have problems.

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I'm assuming you have Evernote version 10.  You can export each notebook as an ENEX file before making any changes.  In version 10 this is a notebook by notebook process. But is really the best way even with the so-called legacy version as it retains the notebook structures.  So export all your notebooks then make whatever changes you desire. Then you can import any notebooks that are missing after the changes.

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