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Public Facing Publishing Option for Business

Sayre Ambrosio


@gbarry Love the fact that the publishing came back to the business side of things. However, for one person or small teams it doesn't help in some cases. I know it's been mentioned in some of my circles that the desire to publish public facing is a big one. 

I routinely work with other authors on projects and currently have to put my shared notebook for them in my personal account because of the limit of public publishing on EN Business. Not all who I work with want to or are willing to sign up for an account just to share a notebook, especially if it's just a resource notebook that I make available to multiple people so they can grab things as they need them.

There's been a few times in the past where I have been this close to getting someone to sign up for a business account, but they also need the public facing notebooks and when they realized they couldn't do that, they went with another product. Feedback from those potential customers was to either bring public facing notebooks to Business or Spaces to Premium accounts. (Just food for thought).


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