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I have several notebooks in my stack and I have several stacks.  Instead of being only able to export 1 notebook at a time there should be an option to also export a stack that has several notebooks within it when I want to create backup of my data on evernote.  Thank you

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I have a projects stack with a notebook for each project which results in a lot of notebooks, if I have to export one by one it will take an enormous amount of time.

Thus exporting a stack is the only viable way for me to create a backup. Please, consider this as a medium to high priority for power users.



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Warning; notebook information is not included in the export data   
The only way I've found to preserve notebook assignment is separate exports for each notebook

>>I have a projects stack with a notebook for each project results in a lot of notebooks

For note organization, I use Tags   
I have minimal notebooks

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I have a lot of notebooks and about half of them are in stacks. That's how I think and that's how I want my data structured. But, I knew going in that I couldn't export a stack and I'm okay with that. For most of the time when I have wanted to export, it was to port to another application and that's a good a time as any to think about structure and clean up old data. 

Having said that, within EN, a stack has to be some sort of tag or flag in a database. Having programmed many databases in the past, a statement that says, export all notebooks with this flag should be a trivial thing. But I've lived with this for 10 years. I don't expect Evernote to change that aspect anymore than I expect me to start using tags. 


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