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  1. Hello Gazumped, That is a different shortcut, it allows to quickly access the filter dialog as far as I understand. It is not the "magical" CMD-J Thanks, Raul
  2. Hello Brian, That is what I am doing for now, keeping on using version 7.14 until the new client gets the CMD-J functionality. Hope it will the soon! Thanks, Raul
  3. Hello, The speed of switching between notebooks or notes that CMD-J allows when using Evernote is great, without it I must the mouse to find the correct notebook. This drains time and brain. I'm not upgrading from series 7 until CMD-J is brought back into the new version. Thanks, Raul
  4. On the iOS app one cannot search for parcial notebook name. When using a notebook based archival system it is very important to find notebooks using parcial name. The current implementation only support search from the start of the notebook name. On the macOS application search yields results from both notes and notebooks, which works great!
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