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Dear Sirs,

I am a premium user. As I need to share a notebook with some (free) users, I would like as well to share a custom template which I'm going to create.

As a premium user I can create custom templates, but a free user can't.

Will the other (free) users be able to use my template?

Thank you

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Hi.  I don't think free users can save templates into their app either.  You could email your custom template note out,  but each user would have to save it in a notebook and duplicate the note to use it.  You could export the template as an ENEX file and send that out,  with the instruction that users should save it to their desktop and click on it to open - which will generate a new note in their Basic app in the same format.  (This is all mainly desktop related - I think Basic users would have some problems using templates on mobile devices...)

There's more here that may help... Use templates

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No custom templates for Basic users, and no sharing of a template as such.

You can share a note to the Basic users, they can copy it to an own notebook as a new note, and use it as as sort of template by duplicating it before using. They can put the „master“ note into the favorites section, put it into a „template“ notebook or put a tag „template“ on it, all of which is meant to allow fast finding.

But no one click option to load a template as a new note on Basic.

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