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overview: how I use Evernote and integrate 3rd party Apps / Service

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Hi All,

just a short overview that explains why Evernote is still my #1 🙂

From time to time I try out different services / tools / approaches and I always come back to that picture.

Maybe of interesting for you when wondering "why should I use Evernote?".

To be clear: that's how I (that's me) use Evernote - there are different Apps (e. g. Scanner) - and there are different approaches (e. g. automate via AppleScript) - which may better fit to your needs - it gives you an overview what you can do: a single place to store almost everything, organize it, find it - with less effort as possible.

"Auto-Sync" is not just a simple "auto upload" - it keeps documents up2date in Evernote, automatically, as soon as you change them outside of Evernote - even if you have moved them to different notebooks and tagged the notes as you need it.



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4 hours ago, stocky2605 said:

Filterize ...  (e. g. automate via AppleScript)

Filterize is a great product for automation; as a Mac user, I use Applescript    
Missing Applescript integration is my primary reason for not transitioning to Evernote's Version 10 product 
(besides the not-working part)

btw   Nice summary in a diagram   
          I'd emphasize Notes&Documents storage as Evernote's core function   
          and also indicate the integrated editor function

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