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HP Printer OfficeJet 9510 "Smart Task" for saving a scan to Evernote - help!

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Have you had success creating a "Smart Task" that saves a scanned image into Evernote?  So far, I have succeeded in creating a working Smart Task that emails a scanned image into Evernote, but I have yet to succeed with "saving" a scan into Evernote (so without going through email).

  • On the printer, the display reports that the smart task for saving to Evernote "has been queued."
  • In the HP Smart Task app, under Notifications, I get a basic error that the shortcut could not run.  Nothing more.
  • In Evernote, under access history, I find access requests coincident with the scan and save attempt. No error message is reported.
  • Also in Evernote, error logs do not show anything related.  (I find entries related to the scans that I emailed into Evernote, but nothing related to the Save task.)
  • Finally, in Evernote, I have designated the default notebook to be one named "HP Smart," which is the same folder name used by another smart task for saving to Box (and which works).. 
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1 minute ago, Adamston said:

Have you had success creating a "Smart Task" that saves a scanned image into Evernote?

Are you using the Evernote Legacy product?
The Version 10 product is missing scripting APIs

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The newest version still is lacking some features you find in the old version. The legacy client supports workflows that need them, like scripting, import folders and some more. You can download it beside v10. In another thread it was said it does not work on an M1-Mac. On my Intel MacBook Pro with BigSur it runs fine, side by side with v10.

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Now I understand. At first I thought I needed a newer version of Evernote. Now I realize that my only option is to continue to email images in to Evernote. While that might seem sort of cumbersome, it is working reliably.  Besides, my latest Mac is built on the M1. Hopefully a future version of Evernote will restore the APIs, thereby allowing me to bypass the interwebs.

Thanks so much for all the help. You have saved me so much time.



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