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Evernote helper missing convert to note and screenshot icons.



According to this article, evernote helper should have icons at the bottom for taking a screenshot and a button for saving to evernote.  Those icons do not appear.  Is this a known issue?  How do I fix it?  I'm using 10.9.10 on Windows 10.


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10 hours ago, coffeeinfusion said:

I have the same problem. No screen capture icon. And when I use ctl + alt + s to do an Evernote screenshot, Windows opens up its snipping tool .I've changed the Evernote keyboard shortcuts, and nothing works. Were you able to get the icon back?


My guess is that you are using Windows 11. Win 11 broke the Evernote screen clipper. We'll have to wait until Microsoft fixes the change or until Evernote works out what is needed to make a fix.

Meanwhile try Win+S then paste the clip into a note with Ctrl+V. Not quite so nifty but workable until the solution is found.

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