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Now unable to edit content clipped from the web

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Is anyone else having this problem?  Since the update I can no longer edit any of the notes that I clipped from the web.  This obviously includes being unable to add or delete words, pictures, whatever.  Like, if I want to make a note on a recipe, or delete 20 of the unnecessary accompanying pictures, I cannot

Does anyone have a work around?  I tried copying everything from a note to word, making changes, then copying it all back, but that crashes the program.  Oh, and if i copy anything that has words and a picture the program crashes. 

The new changes are beyond infuriating, so i am also open to suggestions for other programs.  I have been with evernote for like 15 years and have had myriad problems with them, but this might be the straw that broke the camels back.  The problem is that last time i looked into other programs, nothing did what i needed it to do.  Evernote was the closest, but obviously their program is horrible now.

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4 hours ago, dino-myte said:

Since the update I can no longer edit any of the notes that I clipped from the web.

All clipped content now appears in a web content box. As websites become more and more complicated the conversion to Evernote format often gets screwed up. Their solution is to keep it in html format. The disadvantage is that it can't be edited or even highlighted. The two main options are to capture it in simplified format in the first place or to use the simplify and make editable option once you have clipped it.


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Hi Mike, I appreciate the effort, but unfortunately that doesn't quite help.  One of the problems is "Simplifying" is not always available (it is grey), and if it is available it almost never actually works (nothing happens to the note, the entire contents of the note disappears, or the program freezes).  It _used_ to work, in the old version of Evernote, but does not work for me in the new version (Windows desktop).  If that option actually functioned for me, I would not have had to ask for work arounds to edit clipped content.

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Good point.  I have emailed them a couple of times and not heard back, but I may have not done it through the proper channels.  I will make sure I go through the proper official bug reporting channel this time.  

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