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since when was there a sync limiter?

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i was wondering when evernote added this feature because i only noticed it recently? and since when was evernote web included in the synced devices? currently a student and it irks me how this is forcing me to get premium when i'm only using one other device beside my phone and laptop. is premium even worth it when you don't use most of the benefits besides the device limit?

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Hi.  The rules changed a while ago,  and this is the current position - Understanding the device limit

If you can operate within those limits,  then you're more than welcome to continue.  But you appreciate that Evernote offer more than 'just' free software - all your notes are synced to a central server to be available on your devices however they connect to the internet.  If you've been a member for a while,  you'll have tens,  or hundreds of megabytes of note storage that will never expire - even on a free account,  if you don't use it for 10 years the notes are still available.  It's also an automatic backup - you should never lose data.. unless it's through pressing the wrong key at the wrong time - and that should be recoverable too.

Students do get special offers - see here forinstance:  Evernote for Students 

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