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Hackers keep trying to access my account - please help!



I'm trying to figure out how to stop (or how to report) hackers that are continually trying to access my (two step authenticated) account. I keep receiving verification codes to my text messages all day. How do I stop this please? I keep changing my password and it's already two-step authenticated - I don't know what else to do. I'm worried they'll eventually be able to crack into my account and I keep all sorts of passwords and financial information in there - so I'm paranoid! Thanks!

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1 hour ago, MelCh said:

I keep changing my password

Only  use that password for Evernote access     
Do not use the same password for other services that may be compromised

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If your password is unique to your account, and strong (best way is to use a PW generator, from a PW manager) changing it makes no sense.

But if you get 2FA requests, AFAIK the PW needs to be correctly entered before. If you already changed your password before, and it keeps happening, is the machine you are using clean ? Or may be a trojan installed, that is logging your keystrokes or taking screenshots from whatever you do ?

Make sure you are not compromised the very moment you do something to be safe.

If you use a PC, get a solid antivirus on a boot USB stick. Start the computer from the stick, run a full scan. If you run it on the computer itself, there is root kit malware that may escape detection.

If using a second device, maybe change the password from there. About mobile OS, iOS is pretty safe, but there is nasty malware on Androids as well.

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