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Can I use my computer's storage instead of upload limit?


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So I've been using Evernote to write online classes notes, and some subjects are easier to understand when I add images but I recently reached my upload limit and I wanted to know if I can add images that are kept in my folder and not in Evernote's server.

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HI.  Your upload limit resets each month so all is not lost,  but offline storage of notes - local (unsynced) notebooks - is not supported by Evernote.  You could store your notes and/ or images on your computer, or elsewhere in the cloud (Dropbox and such) in word-processor files - LibreOffice is good - with links back to an 'index' note in Evernote?

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Just be aware that as long as you keep local files (linked to EN) they are not backupped.

So get yourself a cheap backup medium (larger stick or 2.5" drive, both will not cost a fortune) and make sure you have your notes if something happens to your computer. Cloud storage can help, but larger plans will cost a buck as well. You can probably get between 5 and 10GB for free, with each cloud service. When you open 5 or 6 accounts (Dropbox for Math, Box for Arts, iCloud for languages, ...) you can get 20-30GB of free storage.

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