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when do you present evernote 10 for android ?


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If I remember it correctly, it was Android 10 and above at the moment. They say they are working on Android 9 „and older releases“, whatever this means.

Android 6 is probably way too old to make the new client work. There is a ongoing discussion about performance and lagging - I think on a device that stopped with Android 6, it would be plain unusable.

With iOS it needs 13.3 as a minimum - which was released less than 18 month ago.

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In Android play store they announce adding support for Android V 6, 7, 8 and 9 in a future update. As I also cannot imagine they will get their performance issues addressed completely due to the new programming approach, the actual android version is no indication of more or less device performance. So if they adapt it to the older framework it might even work for you @Mahdi - Noorhoseinilater 🙂

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