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Importing onenote via legacy app, some notebooks don't import

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Hey all,

I'm coming back to evernote (onenote just not doing what I need), and am willing to change my process to accommodate my main evernote complaints.  Since onenote vor windows 10 refuses to allow notebook export, saving offline, conversion, etc., I've installed evernote's legacy app (6.25) and installed onenote 2016.  Evernote legacy will see and import my notebooks, seems like it's going ok.  Several of my onenote notebooks hang and won't transfer.  Onenote stops responding and I get a message stating "onenote notes cannot be imported at this time. try opening onenote and then importing again".  I've tried importing same notebooks by smaller sections, rebooting, importing with both versions of onenote open, as well as each one closed.  No joy. It appears to be using onenote 2016 in the import process, and ignoring version 10 (although they both point to the same notebooks).  Any suggestions? thanks in advance.

Screenshot 2021-02-09 145409.jpg

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Hi. Evernote,  as you know,  extensively redesigned the Legacy app to generate Evernote 10.  The two are very different from OneNote in a couple of respects - Evernote don't do sub-pages in notes, and OneNote don't do tags.  The Legacy import from OneNote feature also hasn't been updated by Evernote in a while,  and might be struggling with some more recent OneNote changes.  It doesn't look like Evernote will have the chance to improve things until they've finished tweaking EN10,  so basically importing from OneNote is a slightly chancy business!  I don't know if anyone out there has already done this 100% successfully - maybe they'll have better ideas;  but my take on this would be that you have three choices.

  1. Leave anything that won't import back in good order in OneNote and copy/ paste anything important across that you later find you need.
  2. Export the remaining OneNote items -if you can- (been a while since I checked) to another format like HTML or PDF which you can at least clip into or attach to Evernote notes and search there.
  3. Manually import anything (copy/ paste) that you can't otherwise force through. 

You could try splitting up your OneNote notebooks into smaller collections of notes - see whether a few notes will import where a large number will not - and (of course) you could ask Support if they have any ideas... it will at least give them some incentive to look at the conversion script again.

If you're operating on a Mac,  maybe there are some script ideas my colleagues can contribute...

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Let @gazumped correct me if I am wrong - I haven't used this functionality in a longtime - but if you don't have any attachments in your Onenote notes, I think the simplest way would be to export them to PDF or Word format, then use Evernote's folder monitoring (I assume it's still available in legacy?) to automatically import them into Evernote.

If you download Onemore add-in for Onenote from Github, you should be able to select multiple pages and get them all bulk exported as individual files.

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14 minutes ago, Wanderling Reborn said:

Let @gazumped correct me if I am wrong

Oh the temptation...  but no - I think you're exactly right.  Import folders still exist in Legacy,  and if you can create the files in PDF or word,  they'd be imported to notes - PDF files could be readable inline,  word files would not be.  

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