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Dynamic link with icloud files (like there is with Google Drive)

Rob de Vries


The use of dynamic links (that updates whenever the original file is changed) is a good and useful feature which works with Google Drive in Evernote. Please also make it available with iCloud for working with IOS on my iPad.

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Hi.  It's my understanding that a link to a file in external storage (like Google Drive or iCloud) is just a link - i.e. it opens the file where it is in storage,  and will save it back there.  So there's no 'updating' required in the link - it's just a way to access the file remotely,  exactly like a desktop shortcut.  As such,  I already use file links with various external stores like DropBox and Onedrive to view and edit content.  You should have no problem with iCloud.  AFAIK the Google 'integration' mainly gives you is a nicer link...  

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@gazumped thx for your feedback. That's not how it works (at least on my iPad)

If I insert an attachment via the insert option /  google drive you see a attachment inserted in your note. Whenever you open that attachment from your note you are redirected to the source (in this case google drive) and can edit your file.  When the file is saved the original file in google drive has been updated as well as in your note.  Exactly one could expect from a dynamic link.

If I insert an attachment via the insert option which is stored in the icloud it looks like the attachment is (hard)copied to your note. If you change the original file in the iCloud your attachment is not updated in your note. So it looks like there is no dynamic link.

Do you have the same experience or is it only in my iPad?

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4 hours ago, Rob de Vries said:

Do you have the same experience

Hmmn.  The difference in this case appears to be in seeing the content of an attachment in the note.  I'm still exclusively using Legacy apps (bit old-fashioned, me) and all I see from a linked file in an external drive is the URL.  AFAIK even if that is an image or a supported file type like DOCX or PDF it will show as a link and be unsearchable*. 

I've previously been apathetic about the Google integration because I didn't see the point of having a fancier link, but if you can see the content as well,  that would be a bit of a game-changer.

My assumption would be that with Google you're seeing the content of the file that you changed in the note,  but the actual file is still stored on Google Drive.  But if you can also see the content of a file you link to in icloud in the note...  I'm just confused.  Seems to me it should update just like Gdrive.

Not an iPad or a v10 user,  so I will retire hurt on this one - maybe one of my iPad user colleagues on here like @PinkElephant can help!

*To be clear: that's the content is unsearchable in Evernote.  The file name,  plus any exec summary notes I add to the note will be searchable.

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