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  1. @V Lai Good tip from @stocky2605 I have exact the same configuration and switching off the scribble option worked for me. See my post
  2. I'm on a Ipad Pro 12,9" (1st generation / 2015 model) running IOS14.0.1 and EN10.0.4. Opening of notes and creating new notes takes about 2 sec. Scrolling through notes is good and smooth. Working online or offline doesn't change this. So it's workable but not as fast as it used to be in previous v8 versions.
  3. Updated to EN 10.0.4. The problem of missing strokes still exists when scribble is on. When scribble is off everything is ok. However the lines when sketching with the pencil are now smooth again and used too what we had in previous versions (<10) and not 'jagged' (which was another problem with EN 10 and apple pencil). Step by step we are getting there. Hopefully EN will be fixing the missing strokes when scribble is on in IOS14
  4. Had the same experience. Scribble off and sketch is working much better. At least experiencing less lag and most of the sketches I make are captured. Not yet 100% though. Working on Ipad Pro 12,9" 2015 (1st generation), Apple pencil 1, IOS 14.0.1 , Evernote V10.0.3
  5. Also totally agree with the previous posts. I also have an Ipad pro and use it extensively. I'm forced to PDF expert to do annotations on my PDF's. So.... +1 for better PDF annotations/mark ups within Evernote +1 for copying PDF form note to note Another useful feature would be to be able to select the size of the eraser like you have with the pencil and the marker
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