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  1. Thanks but unfortunately this only works for IOS and not for IpadOS. In IPadOS you cannot turn autoscreen lock to off. You can only choose between 2, 5, 10 and 15 minutes. It was in the beta of IpadOS 14 but disappeared. There are suggestions it will be put into IpadOS 15
  2. It seems that the background colour of sketch and the color of the pencil is fixed with the settings of "Dark Mode" in settings. Light mode --> background = white + pencil = black Dark mode --> background = dark grey + pencil = light grey This means that the background color and the pencil color always go back to this setting for each new sketch. One would expect that either it wil remember the last position it was manually changed to or that a default color could be set. All my sketches for the period before background color could be changed (version <10.7) are having a white background color with a black pencil (despite Dark mode on/off). To keep consistency in my sketches I have to change the color each and every time I create a new sketch. Does someone has a solution or a workaround and still work in dark mode ?
  3. Super weird but it worked !! When you create a new note via the widget the first time the app indeed freezes again but the second time everything works fine 🤔. Thanks !
  4. Updated to the new Android 10.6 version. App does start and shows the introducing home screen but after hitting "Get started" and "tap the arrow to see all your notes" the app totally freezes / became unresponsive. No function works whatsoever. Had to roll back to the previous 10.5.1 version which was running fine. I have a Oneplus 6 (OP6) running on android 10
  5. @longtimeuser_jm @Daniel Tass Had no problems anymore since 10.0.4 (see below) but needed to turn scribble off. However on all updates followed 10.1 / 10.2 / 10.3 / 10.4 / 10.5 and the latest 10.5.1 it's even working fine with scribble on. I'm working on a the oldest 12,9" Ipad (generation 1) so expect that newer Ipads should be working fine too.
  6. @gazumped thx for your feedback. That's not how it works (at least on my iPad) If I insert an attachment via the insert option / google drive you see a attachment inserted in your note. Whenever you open that attachment from your note you are redirected to the source (in this case google drive) and can edit your file. When the file is saved the original file in google drive has been updated as well as in your note. Exactly one could expect from a dynamic link. If I insert an attachment via the insert option which is stored in the icloud it looks like the attachment is (hard)copied to your note. If you change the original file in the iCloud your attachment is not updated in your note. So it looks like there is no dynamic link. Do you have the same experience or is it only in my iPad?
  7. The use of dynamic links (that updates whenever the original file is changed) is a good and useful feature which works with Google Drive in Evernote. Please also make it available with iCloud for working with IOS on my iPad.
  8. @V Lai Good tip from @stocky2605 I have exact the same configuration and switching off the scribble option worked for me. See my post
  9. I'm on a Ipad Pro 12,9" (1st generation / 2015 model) running IOS14.0.1 and EN10.0.4. Opening of notes and creating new notes takes about 2 sec. Scrolling through notes is good and smooth. Working online or offline doesn't change this. So it's workable but not as fast as it used to be in previous v8 versions.
  10. Updated to EN 10.0.4. The problem of missing strokes still exists when scribble is on. When scribble is off everything is ok. However the lines when sketching with the pencil are now smooth again and used too what we had in previous versions (<10) and not 'jagged' (which was another problem with EN 10 and apple pencil). Step by step we are getting there. Hopefully EN will be fixing the missing strokes when scribble is on in IOS14
  11. Had the same experience. Scribble off and sketch is working much better. At least experiencing less lag and most of the sketches I make are captured. Not yet 100% though. Working on Ipad Pro 12,9" 2015 (1st generation), Apple pencil 1, IOS 14.0.1 , Evernote V10.0.3
  12. Also totally agree with the previous posts. I also have an Ipad pro and use it extensively. I'm forced to PDF expert to do annotations on my PDF's. So.... +1 for better PDF annotations/mark ups within Evernote +1 for copying PDF form note to note Another useful feature would be to be able to select the size of the eraser like you have with the pencil and the marker
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