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If I cancel my paid account, can I still access the current content?

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You will be able, but only within the limits of the free BASIC account. The software is the same, but restricted in features. You can compare details on the EN web site.

In Premium, you can have a single note with 200MB. In Basic, it is 25MB. AFAIK you can open the large note you created, but you can’t edit it and sync it back. Because first it is too large, and second you have a monthly upload limit of only 60MB - in total. This applies for all uploads, be it new notes or modified content in existing notes. Even if you just change one single letter in a 10MB note - it will count as a 10MB upload.

Your content will be kept, as long as you have an existing account, there are no charges and no limit to this end. This is current practice - but remember that EN is writing the rules, and other cloud services (like Google recently) have abandoned free unlimited storage. In case this changes you will probably get enough time to download it and find a new home.

Conclusion: If you want to find out whether you can live with it, you can create a new, Basic account and play with it for a month or two. If it works, downgrade your current account. If not, you know better than before what you are paying for.

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1 hour ago, flowben11 said:

Is there a storage limit on the free account?

Basic account Limits documented Here

You will be able to access all your notes, but not allowed to edit oversize notes

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