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@PinkElephant - do you work for EN? It's not a double post as I am asking for a feature on both Mac and iOS platforms.  Why would there be separate forums for each platform if there isn't an interest in understanding it that way? If not then combine them into a single feature request thread. Not sure how EN is reading these from an engineering perspective so I wanted to make sure I was making my request known in each thread. 

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You posted exactly the same text in 2 subforums. If you wanted to prove you are able to copy and paste, you did it.

What I as another user and forum member expect is that a post in a platform subforum has a specific relevance for this platform. If you want to post something global, platform Independent, there are subforums for general issues, productivity, paperless, organisation and the like.

So if you post the same text in several subforums, IMHO you just create digital noise and make the forum more difficult to read and search.

Copy & paste is the forum equivalent of sending your e-Mails with the „answer all“ button.

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