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How can I downgrade to the prior (awesome) version of Evernote instead of the (awful) new version?

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Platforms that I need the prior versions for: 

  • Mac
  • iOS

I've been a loyal and paying customer since 2011 and I've loved every minute with Evernote.... until the recent new version. Which is terrible. See the "Hate the new Evernote" thread for lots of examples why.

I'm cautiously optimistic that they will sort things out, but in the meantime, my only viable option is to downgrade. (No, I can't migrate to another platform. I have way to much data and workflow investment to do that.)

Thank you!

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Not so sad any longer: iOS 10.3 is IMHO pretty much up to the job now, still lacking a few things, but better than the version before in others. They managed to squeeze most of the bugs, at least those I encountered myself. 

If EN delivers on the features already announced, it will definitely be superior to any prior iOS-client. So no  more need for an iOS legacy with 10.4 or maybe .5.

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