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Can I save/export HEIC image as JPEG?

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Another nasty surprise from Evernote today. Common workflow is to snap photos on iPhone into Evernote. Then annotate image in Evernote on Windows  device. Noticed now when saving this image to Windows desktop (to attach to email), it is still HEIC (iPhone photo format) and can't see any option in Evernote to save/export as a JPG.
I'm sure there's a way of doing this (without using separate/online conversion software) - must be being blind - can anyone help?
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No, HEIC is pretty much an Apple-only use case. So your options are 

  • set your iPhone to use the compatible JPG
  • export from the camera roll and convert to JPG then (several apps will do), or export on a Mac
  • convert on Windows (I personally like Irfan view for nearly all format conversions, free and knows nearly every format ever invented)

EN is not and does not claim to be a conversion tool. Whatever you attach - if the host computer can’t open it, it is just a file sitting in a note. The exception are those formats that are more or less universally supported, like JPG, PDF, PNG.

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HEIC is not an Apple exclusive format and I suppose iOS+macOS users are a great market share of Evernote. I understand HEIC files are about half the size of other formats and this wouldn't help free users migrate to the Premium tier. If Evernote doesn't want to support the newer and better HEIC files, IMO the app should convert them locally to JPEG when attaching these files.

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HEIC is in fact an international standard. But it is currently only Apple (of the major players) that apply and support it.

EN treats all sort of attachments as exactly that - a sort of attachment. It usually does not convert them to anything, because it is up to the user what he wants to store, in which format etc. When I put in a Numbers spread sheet, I do not want it to be autocrunched into an Excel table.

And if I am importing a picture, I don’t want my sleak, lean and clean HEIC picture be auto converted into a fat, ugly, fragment loaded JPG just because a bunch of other programs will not be able to make use of it.

There are enough solutions on Windows to make this conversion where I don’t need to see it happen !

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