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  1. I'm getting exactly same issue. 2017 iPad Pro, 10.5", Apple Pencil (1st Gen). Excellent description of the problem @Barabasz - like Parkinsons. Evernote Devs: please, please listen. This is so basic. All other Apple Pencil apps (Notes, Notability etc.) 'just work'. How are you managing to get this wrong?
  2. Another nasty surprise from Evernote today. Common workflow is to snap photos on iPhone into Evernote. Then annotate image in Evernote on Windows device. Noticed now when saving this image to Windows desktop (to attach to email), it is still HEIC (iPhone photo format) and can't see any option in Evernote to save/export as a JPG. I'm sure there's a way of doing this (without using separate/online conversion software) - must be being blind - can anyone help?
  3. +1 for this. You used to be able to go note list => editor with Cmd & L, Tab. But they've removed Cmd & L from latest version. Been desperately searching for a way to do this but no dice. That's progress.
  4. My preferred "All Notes" view option is Side List. However each time I restart PC and fire up Evernote it starts in Snippet View. I have to switch to Side List and re-do my preferred column layout each time. Only happens when PC restarts (no issue closing/reopening Evernote without PC restart). I know how to Remember View Settings for individual Notebooks - how do you do it for All Notes?
  5. Cheers! Try to avoid 3rd party software so will use the source:mail.smtp manual method for now...
  6. Exactly 2 years since this post created. How hasn't this been implemented yet? Any update on timeline to implementation? Evernote great if you want to use Apple Pencil to draw on blank sheet (in-note handwriting feature, Penultimate) but annotating pictures/PDFs with Apple Pencil is a nightmare. Clunky, unpleasant user experience. Bizarre because that's what I use Apple Pencil most for. iOS has this natively while OneNote, PDFExpert, Notability, GoodNotes etc now all do this perfectly. Why not Evernote?
  7. V. simple: I often send emails to people with my Evernote cc'd in. I'd like all emails I send into Evernote to be given the tag "Email". I know I can do this by adding #Email to subject line but it would look weird to the recipients! Is there a way to tell Evernote to add "Email" tag to all incoming emails?
  8. On a Mac you can open internal note link in new window with Right Click > Open Note In New Window. Is there a key I can hold & click (e.g. shift + click or cmd + click etc.) to do it a bit quicker? I know you can shift + click in Evernote for Windows to do it. Anything similar with Mac? If not, is there any way to make such a shortcut?
  9. Quick question all. Say I'm midway through writing a note and want to change the title. I hit Cmd L (Mac). To get cursor back into the note I can either click back to where I was or hit Tab. However Tab takes me to the top of the note, not back to where I was in the body of the note. Is there a keyboard shortcut to take Cursor back to where its was in the body of the note?
  10. Hi all Really simple question: if I'm writing in a note and want to switch focus to the note list and go up/down, what is the keyboard route? And vice versa, say I select/highlight a note in note list how do I quickly jump the cursor into that note to edit with they keyboard? (Rather than clicking in the note with the mouse)? See my beautiful diagram below. I think it may involve the Tab key but not sure... Thanks! Charlie
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