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  1. Yeah… too late. Users should've been warned by email.
  2. Unfortunately, I was just affected by this. The Mac (Mojave) showed a notification alerting Safari 13 was available for installation, which I promptly accepted. When it relaunched, I was informed the Webclipper was disabled automatically, for which I thought it was just a matter of installing an updated version. To my surprise, there's no Webclipper for download anymore.
  3. I'm also having this issue (EN 6.10) for months now. Hoping this will be solved soon.
  4. I have a very similar issue, in which EN is really slow on my Mac, throwing off the spinning wheel multiple times during usage. Most times when changing notebooks and searching. Of course EN will say our Macs are the issue, no matter what computer we have.
  5. I have this need many times a day: I have lots of text and I need to change the color of some lines which aren't consecutive. Is there a way to select as many as I want and change their colors? The problem is that for every selected text, I need to click the little "a" button and then select the color. Select next line, click the "a" button and select the color. The color box that remains over Evernote doesn't change the color after I change the selected text.
  6. I'm really missing that in my company. I send messages to people and most of them I receive a reply hours later because the recipient didn't see there was a new message. We can't even see any kind of notification (even a briefly one). Nothing happens in our case.
  7. Ok, if you need anything to help on this matter, please contact me. This is very annoying.
  8. I have exactly the same problem. I already uninstalled it, rebooted the iPhone, reinstalled and it's still the same.
  9. Beautiful. Some companies make their betas available for download only on their websites. As soon as I get home, I'll check that. Thanks!
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