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  1. The command exists in Edit > Switch to... and it does work there. Only the keyboard shortcut is missing. I added it to the Keyboard Preferences pane, in the App Shortcuts area. It works perfectly. Screen Cast 2021-05-25 at 6.50.10 PM.mp4 Select Evernote in the Application dropdown menu: You should end with this:
  2. I just updated to v10.14.6 on my Mac, but the ⌘+J shortcut shown in the release notes doesn't work. Absolutely nothing happens when I type it.
  3. Nothing yet. I miss it so much. I takes 3 touches vs 1 touch to create a new note with photo/scanner etc.
  4. Hello everyone After taking a picture on Evernote for iOS v10.9 and cropping it on the same device, Evernote on the Mac v10.12.6-mac-ddl-public (2583) is showing this error when I try to annotate it: Image too large - This image cannot be annotated on your platform. Shouldn't photos taken WITH Evernote on a mobile device be compatible with the other platforms?
  5. This has been happening for months already: Whenever I touch a card in my notes, most of them change their title and body size. Depending on what I do after that, it remains or reverts the size. This is happening on version 10.8: Whenever I touch a card in Home most of them change their title and body size. When the Home screen is scrolled, most of my notes change their title and body size intermittently. Here's a video showing the odd behavior.
  6. HEIC is not an Apple exclusive format and I suppose iOS+macOS users are a great market share of Evernote. I understand HEIC files are about half the size of other formats and this wouldn't help free users migrate to the Premium tier. If Evernote doesn't want to support the newer and better HEIC files, IMO the app should convert them locally to JPEG when attaching these files.
  7. This is such a loss. It takes forever to open Evernote, touch the up arrow, touch what I want. Previously we only needed to touch the icon, touch what we wanted and BOOM. Happening.
  8. I also have this issue with other apps url schemes. I can't refer to OmniFocus projects, for instance. It doesn't recognize the link AND it doesn't accept it as a link to any text.
  9. Hi! I'm currently working with the Legacy and the v10 Evernote on the same computer (macOS). The Evernote "classic links" are currently opening the Legacy version. Is there a way to change it to v10 instead?
  10. Mine doesn't update also, no matter what I do (cleaning cookies, caches, etc). I've even tried installing a new, never used browser. Still 5.33.0.
  11. I deleted Evernote 10 from my Mac and will be using the previous version until the new one is better. Unfortunately I can't revert it on the iPhone.
  12. The "fast release" updates promised are not happening. The launch of Evernote 10 was clearly forced and it has a poor performance on every platform. I think the company representatives should address the users (with real information) on what's going on.
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