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New Version Super Slow to Open on Galaxy Tab S4 + a few questions

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I've got a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 running Android 10. I was (and am) excited about the new build. But when open the app on the tablet it takes 45 to 50 seconds to open. That's a long time to stare at that "Just a few moments... we're setting up your new app" screen which I see each time I open the app.

Also what's the ETA on:

* widgets

* being able to email notes (more important to me)

And finally: there are two types of check boxes, one that fills with a green X and one that kind of crosses out the item when you check the box. In the new build, a green x version turns into a cross-out version if you hit enter after creating an item. Can this be disabled? 

Thanks! And again: look and feel and note editor are great in this new build!


Pep Rosenfeld

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What is this forum for if no one ever answers?

I clip things in Android about 20 times a day, and waiting half a minute for "setting up your new app" EVERY TIME is not acceptable.

Am I missing a permission or something? Is there a fix for this that is nowhere to be found in this forum or elsewhere?

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