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  1. haha! No, you're right, I forgot to delete the shortcut to Evernote in the Startup-folder!! :-) Thanks!
  2. I don't want Evernote to start up automatically when I start up my computer, so I unchecked the option 'Launch Evernote at Windows login' in Evernote - Options - General AND by right clicking Evernote in the system tray - Options - 'Start at Windows Logon'. Still, when I restart my computer, Evernote starts up automatically. Can anyone help me? Windows 10 Education Evernote version (303788) Public Evernote Account: Premium Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1055T Processor 2.80 GHz Installed RAM: 8,00 GB System type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Thank you, Laura
  3. IFttt looks VERY nice! It's a bloody shame I didn't know it before today! I signed up, and will check out the possibilities! Probably, what I want with Evernote will be possible! :-) Thanks, everyone, for coming up with ideas!
  4. Oh, and also: it looks very advanced and smart, and thank you so much for the work you put into posting it here for me!
  5. The Windows Task Scheduler sounds like a nice solution, but it will only work on one of my four 'computers' (see sig). Still, something to consider. I might just need this at the one.
  6. Thank you, that helps! Still, it's a shame this is not easier. But maybe my hope/wish/feature request is somewhat different and more complex than this topic, so I started a news topic: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/56180-automatically-create-new-note-every-day-with-template-and-reminder/
  7. Hi all, I've created a note for myself: it's a list I have to check everyday. I'd like to keep track of what I answered to each question on the list, so I'd like Evernote to automatically duplicate the note every day at 16:00 and remind me to 'fil it out'. Does anyone know if this is possible? Or could you recommend another way / app / program to do this? Thanx in advance, Laura
  8. And what about the Windows Desktop version of Evernote? I would like to be able to just copy and paste a note in the same notebook, and keep all the tags etc. Now, I click with the alternate mouse button on a note, choose 'Copy Note' from the menu, and choose a notebook to copy to. (The same notebook, in this case.) The tags are not copied, I have to add them manually every time.
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