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  1. Thank you for explaining and adding the links. Also thank you for responding so quickly at all. I haven't been reading old news, just followed the links in the new CEO's announcements.
  2. There is no way I'm going to encrypt several hundred thousand notes I have collected since the time I joined Evernote. One reason to join at the time was that EN had proprietary servers. Now they have moved to Google. They have even closed the European office. Googles policies promise not to give out data to third parties but nowhere state that they will not use it themselves. They already know more than enough about me and anyone I associate with through Android.
  3. Yes, I followed all the links explaining Google's security policies, but how do we know Google itself is not reading and using our content?
  4. Hi, I have this problem too, because I have many collaged notes where the largest image is a screenshot or a photographed text. That defeats the assumption that the largest image is the most important picture. Anyway, the thumbnail doesn't have to be the most important picture at all - it should maybe be the most graphic, that still conveys information when shown as a small square. I guess I can resize the author portrait or whatever to make it huge/ square.
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