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SSO + Azure not working on windows client

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We are unable to get SSO working on windows 10.4.4 clients. Works fine in web or mobile apps. Get error Login Failed. 
Using Azure SSO + DUO MFA. Setup is straight forward and working with web/mobile just not working with windows app. 
Anyone run into this? I opened a case with support but they appear to have a 10-20 day response time backlog. 


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I don’t see SSO offered as an option on the new desktop clients. On the other hand it is not among the discontinued features either.

They have this 2-step-login where you enter the user, click, wait, then enter the password. I can’t use the autofill feature of my password manager with it, which is probably technically similar to SSO on a managed machine. It makes it harder as well for hackers to try to brute force a login. I think for SSO they will have to offer a second sign in solution in the background.

Better run a support ticket on this.

P.S.    ... what you did while I was typing. Fast support, good to know.

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