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Hacked Evernote account

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Hi there, I just got a message that someone has successfully logged into my account from Morocco. This is not me.

The system said the login occurred from an Android phone. What if anything can the hacker access from a phone? Can they download any notes or can they simply just search within the existing notes? 



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Hi.  If someone gained access to the account,  they have exactly the same access that you would.  This may have just been a quick test to see if the account was vulnerable,  in which case you're not yet compromised;  but action is necessary to tighten up your security.

There are several ways to protect yourself - check for breaches here:
https://sec.hpi.de/ilc/?lang=en or  

and review other steps here:

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... and the access can take place from any type of device, mimicking an Android phone, from any place, using a VPN to hide it. A hacker will probably run his attacks from a Linux or Windows desktop PC, manipulating the fingerprint to make it look as a mobile.

Who has access can search everything and download everything - this is why one needs to keep his login data safe. Only use strong and unique passwords, activate 2FA. 

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