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Styling (bold, font color, etc.) in code block.



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I 100% agree the new version 10 is a massive backwards step.  I would also like the ability to change the default font size for the code block.

I pay for this product and if it is not fixed I am moving to OneNote.  I am really disapponted with this version of Evernote.

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I think this would be a useful feature. If it doesn't get implemented anytime soon then you can use the "monospace" font inside a grey single cell table. This gives you all the same formatting available for regular text. The hardest thing is creating the table because []x1 doesn't work! Maybe a template?


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I second this. I want to go back to the legacy version where I could edit my code blocks. It's extremely important for my note-taking during coding school - I need to be able to highlight or bold certain parts and also put the coding notes (which is separate from the code itself) in a separate color.  There is a reason why IDEs have code in multiple colors...it's extremely important when looking at code to be able to differentiate different elements. WHY WOULD EVERNOTE REMOVE THIS FUNCTION? It wasn't broken, so why "fix it"?

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