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That is the 1 million dollar question, isn’t it ?

Maybe there are better other products, though IMHO nobody presented something really convincing here in the forum yet. It depends a lot on ones use case, platform and other factors. Options on „Mac / iOS only“ look AFAIK brighter than with Windows and Android.

What we can count on (at least there is a solid stream of new releases rolling out, each with new features and bug fixes) is that EN is working on getting the v10 software able to support a majority of users, without the fallback to „legacy“.

As I see it, it is a choice between switching to another product, that may not fully serve ones needs or staying with EN on a release, that may not fully serve ones needs even after further releases 🤔

Let‘s flip a coin ... and come back in a year to see what has happened. As I continue to use „legacy“ I am quite relaxed about THIS strategy. Others may say I am procrastinating 😱

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