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Evernote iOS app using flatline 65% CPU constant whent active

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iOS Evernote app (v10+) is using 65% CPU on my iPad Pro when it is active (in the 'forground'). As soon as it is terminated, CPU returns to normal levels. Presumably this is part of the reason the app is very laggy and slow for me.

When I type and actively edit content the CPU increase to near constant 100%.

When I switch between notes in the Note List the CPU bursts to 100% for the several seconds that takes.


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Can’t confirm this (iPad Pro 10.5).

When opening the app, it goes briefly to up to 80% CPU. Then back to 30%, probably for syncing, then back below 10% (4-8%) while inactive. It goes for a moment back to 30% in intervals of minutes, probably when checking for notes to sync on the server.

When I open a note, or scroll around, it is briefly back to more than 30%, but again only for a  few seconds.

I could not provoke a full CPU load as shown in the graph above. Maybe the graph shows peaks only, not the average load. 

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Very interesting.

Yesterday I had the same behaviour even after rebooting my iPad and uninstalling then re-installing the Evernote app. 

However today, it is not showing this behaviour at all. It has about 10 seconds of 100% (or near) CPU when it becomes active, then drops to about 15% CPU. This morning general UI use of the Evernote app is still laggy and slow (eg, switching from one note to another taking 7 seconds).

I cannot explain the difference between days.

This is on my iPad Pro 9.7". IOS 14.1.


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