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  1. Seems to be a duplicate. Could some admin combine this with the other thread on this request ??
  2. cld

    note margins

    Please, no !! The gap is ridicules and annoying. And btw: I dont need the tables anyway, there are many other tools for tables, Evernote I use for NOTES !!!
  3. I had exactly the same problem, same version, Win 7 Professional. Disable HW Accel seems to cure this. Dear Evernote developers: Please ensure adequate testing before releasing !!!!!!
  4. Fully agree !! Please include option to remove this bogus botton !!
  5. Confirmed, hitting "Cancel" sets the reminder w/o a date. A bit irritating, indeed. Still, I like the new look, makes setting a reminder for tomorrow much easier.
  6. Team, with the version there now are two bottons "New Note" just beneath each other: the botton in the toolbar and the new "botton" in the left panel. This limits the space showing my notebooks !! Please include an option to remove the "New Note" botton in the left panel. Regards, Alex
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