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  1. Thanks for the hint, indeed, after turning off all offlines and turning on only one back and waiting for about 12 hrs (!!!) one notebook after notebook seems to get back into offline storage (with only about 500 notes per notebook, mostly text only !!) As southerforge indicated: NOT nice at ALL !! Especially, since I needed to make a list which notebooks I had selected to be offline .... (which I forgot to do before I switched all off ....)
  2. Agree. I have been waiting for days for my notebooks to download - still not finished. (about 10 notebooks, 4k notes in total) Turned off (kept date) and turned back on several times, still non of my notebooks are fully downloaded. This is very annoying. Offline notebooks is a key feature for me. If I would have known this issue I would not have updated to V10 !!
  3. You are right - and this is pretty annoying ! This is a note-taking app, so this is what I do quite frequently. At the end of the day, I end up with dozend's of "untitled" notes .... rather bogus. I the (legacy) windows version you could even set an option to start the typing in the title directly after creating a new note ! This was great !!! PLEASE, get this feature back !!!
  4. Another reason for me not to install V10. C'on EN developer: this is a tool to take NOTES, not writing a book !! I have lots of abbreviations and special keywords in my notes. The redline is bogus !
  5. I could not agree more !! Limiting the storage V6 uses would be a good feature - just a cache as in V10 is a dealbreaker for me as well. The ability to work offline was one of the key features for me to start using EN.
  6. Another reason for me not to install V10. Thanks for pointing out !
  7. Same here - update to Version 10 yesterday, today EN still shows "partial" completion. What is EN trying to tell me here ? Please fix. Ah just realized: my notes are still not available offline, despite sync telling me "done". How can I get my notes available offline ????????
  8. Thanks for the hint ! Just took a look at notion and it seems to have even more features than Evernote. I think I will give that a try !!
  9. Same issue, have latest EN (308474) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539) and Win 7. Dear US people, there are characters used in the world other than in US. You should know by now.
  10. +1 please bring back single-spaced checklists. We are using evernote to keep track of our lists - there is absolutely not requirement of large white space anywhere.
  11. Confirmed, the HW acceleration issue still exists in Not nice at all !!!
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