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Auto Spellcheck does not work after the recent Evernote update

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Hey, I was hoping some Mac users could relate with me here. I’m a writer and I type pretty fast and expect lots of mistakes,  so I rely heavily on autocorrect. But with this new update, this new interface Evernote created, a few things are different, in minor ways, not too bad. Except for one... my precious autocorrect haha! It’s brutal, and I cant move through a thought quickly without cringing at the thought of mispelling. If anyone relates, cool! If anyone haas fixed this, even better! Let me know if you have the same issue. Thanks!🤙🏻

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Following. Not having autocorrect and predictive writing is so frustrating after years of having this platform. Such a terrible change. Please please bring it back asap.

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The new clients were build with a focus on working seamlessly over platforms. This means if one platform has a specific ability, EN will often not use it, because it means creating code and functions for just one platform.

If you currently compare say the Windows and the Mac client, they are virtual twins. When starting to make use of OS capabilities, you are back to have a Mac and a Windows app.

As I read the grapevine EN is not planning to move into that direction.

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Spell-check and autocorrect - whether using the app on mac os, ios, or on a web browser - is really bad. It is such a better experience using Google Docs or Grammarly. It's hard to comprehend how this has not been addressed after years. I'm a long-time user and generally like Evernote, but transcribing quotes from books is such a frustrating experience because of the lack of autocorrect and how dismal the spell-check is. Going through manual spell-check would be acceptable except the dictionary that Evernote is using seems to not have the proper recommendation for the replacement half the time. It slows down the process of writing notes exponentially. Please provide options for autocorrect and better ways for users to access spell-check preferences, update dictionaries, integrate with third-party apps, or otherwise. If not, I might just end up moving everything over to google docs if this continues to not be addressed. 

Please. Really want to continue using Evernote as it's great for syncing across platforms and devices and organization. If the spell-check was improved and/or autocorrect implemented would be able to recommend Evernote to others and be confident that I will continue to use it going forward. 

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