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  1. Got a reply form Evernote saying they're working on it. For the time being I dowloaded the legacy version and everything is working as usual.
  2. Found this about the new Evernote for Mac: There's no spell check feature built into the new Evernote for Mac. Until this feature is added I will have to keep using another Notes app to auto correct my typing based on my dictionary and then copy text to Evernote. Bummer. Hope it is integrated back into the app before my yearly payment is due otherwise I don't know. Does anybody know a practical real way around this?
  3. I have the same issue, it doesn't work even when the setting is turned on in MacOS. Auto correct worked for me and is crucial for my daily extensive use of Evernote, help!
  4. Same situation here. I had already built a spelling base, words, names, common misspellings, which worked great for me and now it's all gone.
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