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Best way to teach from Evernote

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I just started using Evernote as a pastor, and want to research, write, and present my teaching using Evernote. What is the best way to use Evernote in presenting? Before evernote, I would just save my outline notes as a PDF, but doing that with Evernote, the last line on each page is cut in half because it can't recognize a page break. Is there a way to view notes so that it is no longer editable? I don't want to accidentally edit my notes or see editing options while I'm teaching.

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. What platform do you use Evernote on? Windows, Mac, Web client, Android, etc.? The older Windows program had a Presentation mode that at least some people used in this way. I don't know about Mac. If you've just started with Evernote but don't have the upgraded v. 10, I'd advise not upgrading to it yet. It's lacking a lot of features, including Presentation mode. Hope this helps.

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I would very much like EN to reintroduce public notebooks again with a public URL.

They used to offer the feature many, many moons ago and it was useful to create training documentation that I could offer to clients.

Maybe even a public URL with password access a bit like you can do with some file sharing services.

Right now I have documentation as a word doc that gets converted to a PDF that gets sent to file storage that gets shared with trainees.

Workflow I would like is build the documentation in a notebook and share the password protected URL with trainees.

Maybe an "accomplish everything" feature ;)

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