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shared notebook - notes disappear on scroll



This issue was first noticed over 3 years ago on my account.

I was a upgraded user for 2 more years after first notice. 

I tried to get help on several occasions. Could not even get through to support on 2 occasions, and no one in forum had answers. 

I gave up and quit using my expensive paid software. 

Now this broken feature keeps me from using what is otherwise a fantastic service.


Over the years this issue duplicates itself on any device or browser I have used. Edge, chrome, opera .. ect..

It is not a browser setting unless *chromium* based. I don't have a non chrome based browser. 

I've sent the link to others whom get the same result.


The following screenshots.

1 - getting shared link - total note count

2 - scroll bar placement and note count

3. - scroll moved down - notes disappear

4. - same result when changing view







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