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  1. Windows client. For the heck of it .. I just checked my web version, and it is on the new edition now. I switched it. Same output. It is the view of shared url that is problematic.
  2. This issue was first noticed over 3 years ago on my account. I was a upgraded user for 2 more years after first notice. I tried to get help on several occasions. Could not even get through to support on 2 occasions, and no one in forum had answers. I gave up and quit using my expensive paid software. Now this broken feature keeps me from using what is otherwise a fantastic service. Over the years this issue duplicates itself on any device or browser I have used. Edge, chrome, opera .. ect.. It is not a browser setting unless *chromium* based. I don't have a non chrome based browser. I've sent the link to others whom get the same result. The following screenshots. 1 - getting shared link - total note count 2 - scroll bar placement and note count 3. - scroll moved down - notes disappear 4. - same result when changing view
  3. Mine has done this for two years of paid service. Across different browsers, and even different computers. So I assume it is account related. I couldn't get any help or support on the issue and moved to onenote at my last billing. I'm quite annoyed I paid for so long and couldn't even share - OR GET SUPPORT. Yes same thing, when scrolling down the posts just disappear. You are not alone, good luck getting it fixed.
  4. Day 6 - Now support channels take me to .... But the advertisements to upgrade to a $30 a month business plan seem to work just fine. PRIORITIES?
  5. Day 5 .. Can someone show me what a shared notebook THAT WORKS looks like so I can better understand what mine is not doing? thank you
  6. I've tried using the live help - but their does not seem to be any place visible to type. Yes I am logged in. Yes it is during the dedicated business hours. I've tried sending a help email - but the submit button doesn't work. It just isn't clickable no matter what I put in the forms. I've asked on the forum and have no response. Seriously? How do I get help?
  7. https://www.evernote.com/pub/destiny911/color 27 notes. When I scroll down they start disappearing. It has been this way for over a year and I've tried it on several different browsers with same outcome.
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