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  1. Just updated and saw the disaster. Please bring the Horizontal list view back. It is necessary to correctly read note titles with dates. I use Evernote for a lot of things, a lab notebook being a part of it. I have > 1200 notes right now and need some details in the list view (full titles, dates created/modified) that the vertical list view can't display on my monitor. Next thing I'll do after writing this is revert to 5.0.x.
  2. Of course it is not supported, I don't expect that to be fixed. I thought knowing that there is a problem with the current Chrome dev version would be a valuable info for the developers of the clipper extension for future versions.
  3. Same here. OSX 10.7.3, Chrome 19.0.1061.1 dev, Evernote Web Clipper doesn't work (only shows an empty 1-line box when clicking on the extension icon). Uninstalling / Reinstalling the extension does not solve the problem.
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