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Evernote keeps losing unfinished sketches




I'm using Evernote on my iPad for work and add a lot of handdrawn sketches to my notes.

If I make a sketch  and forget to press "done" before changing apps - because lets say I have to look up some info or because my ipad locks itself - my sketch just disappears and is lost.

This happens all the time. I've lost so much much time and work because of this that I'm thinking of ending my subscription and changing to Apple Notes if Evernote doesnt find a way to change this in the next updates...

A frustrated user.

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It helps to avoid paying the same request in multiple places. Perhaps delete one.

As before, please confirm the application and OS you have the problem with. 

I'm the meantime, these forums are user to user. If you want to talk to Evernote staff you'll need to open a support ticket.

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It is very simple: The sketch is sort of an app inside of an app (probably they use some code from the code ocean at GitHub). While it is open it is not saved to the note - otherwise the note would sync to the server, with an unfinished sketch, and would repeat this permanently while the Sketch window is open.

For me it is logical I need to close the Sketch if I want to preserve it. Closing it will automatically update the note, and make it sync to the server. This is the function „by design“, and it works.

But sure, anybody can want anything. Contact support, we forum users can‘t and won‘t help on such an issue.

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