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How to Print Notes and Notebook to PDF - MacOS Mojave

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How I Print to PDF an Evernote Note and Notebook (text only, not attachments or images) on a MacBook Pro running Mac OS Mojave.

Printing a Note of text only to PDF (this process should work with Notes that have images)

  1. Open the Note you want to convert to a PDF. 
  2. Go to File Menu and click "Export Note"
  3. Change File Format to HTML and name and save to your compute
  4. Find HTML file and double click to open file in Safari
  5. In Safari, go to File Menu and click "Export as PDF"
  6. Save PDF file to your computer

Printing a Notebook of text only files to PDF (this process should work with Notes that have images)

This method will not combine all the notes in a Notebook to one document. It does export each note as a separate HTML file that you can convert to a PDF. If you have Adobe Acrobat or some other PDF file manager, you can compile the individual notes into one file.

  1. Click on "Notebooks" in menu
  2. Click once, or select, the Notebook you wish to export. Do not open Notebook
  3. With Notebook highlighted go to the File Menu
  4. Click "Export Notes" (When exporting a Notebook this option will say Export Notes, not Export Note)
  5. Change File Format to HTML and name and save to your computer
  6. All Notes in Notebook will be exported and saved as HTML files at one time
  7. Find each HTML file and double click to Open the HTML file in your browser 
  8. In Safari, go to File Menu and click "Export as PDF"
  9. Save PDF file to your computer

Use a program like Adobe Acrobat to compile Notes into one file.

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Probably yes - EN does borrow functions from the OS it is running in, like dark mode. It is perfectly possible that a newer OS like Catalina has more advanced options than Mojave.

There will be a even bigger leap with MacOS BigSur - first time since years the first number will be upped from 10 to 11. I would think about upgrading (Catalina is not bad at all). If you have Parallels Desktop, you can install an older MacOS there In a VM to run 32bit apps.

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I'm running a pc not a mac, and although it says to ctl click the notes I want to export/print, mine will not highlight, hence it will take my printing each individual note, and there are many.  Is this a glitch because I'm PC, or because I have the free version?  Or something else?  thanks, in advance.

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