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Saving Ubiquiti Unifi backup to note causes error

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I'm using Evernote v (Evernote says it's up to date) on Windows 10. I have a note with several Ubiquiti Unifi backups already saved to it but now when I try to add another, I get a generic error message. Tried via the web interface with Chrome, same thing. I also tried to change the extension of the file, same error.


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Hi, and welcome to the forums. We're other users here, mostly, and you may get better help (since you have a Plus subscription) by clicking that button and contacting support. But let me ask, how large are the backups? I know zip about Ubiquiti Unifi, so what follows may be rubbish. But possibly a note with several very large attachments might run into network and/or note size problems. The limit on Plus accounts is 50MB/note; that help page also recommends a 64-bit system in Windows to upload large attachments.

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What does this mean: a note with several Ubiquiti Unifi backups already saved to it

Did you save something as a file, and attached it to the note ?

The limit for Plus-users is 50MB per note, and this includes some overhead. Maybe the last attachment added made the note grow too large.

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