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Get the Elephant back on new Mac top toolbar

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9 minutes ago, mhoelter528 said:

Evernote elephant icon is not showing on top tool bar

The application is called Evernote Helper

Check your settings in Evernote > Preferences, then Reboot your Mac


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  • 7 months later...

Trying to fix the problem of the elephant disappearing from the Mac menubar when I quit Evernote. Mac IOS, Evernote version 10.10.5. When I go to the Evernote menu in the menubar under "preferences" it gives me a cascading menu with only "Check spelling while typing" and "Save data on logout" as choices. No way of getting the preferences panel pictured above. ??? How do I open the full Evernote preference options now? How do I preserve the elephant in the menubar?

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