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Get the Elephant back on new Mac top toolbar

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9 minutes ago, mhoelter528 said:

Evernote elephant icon is not showing on top tool bar

The application is called Evernote Helper

Check your settings in Evernote > Preferences, then Reboot your Mac


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Trying to fix the problem of the elephant disappearing from the Mac menubar when I quit Evernote. Mac IOS, Evernote version 10.10.5. When I go to the Evernote menu in the menubar under "preferences" it gives me a cascading menu with only "Check spelling while typing" and "Save data on logout" as choices. No way of getting the preferences panel pictured above. ??? How do I open the full Evernote preference options now? How do I preserve the elephant in the menubar?

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You see the full preferences (there are no more …).

The helper of the v10 version quits when you quit the app.

To get a helper that has options to start when the computer starts, and stays even when EN is closed, you need to install the legacy client. You can do it side by side with v10. You need to open the legacy client to finish the note creation by the helper, and sync the result to the server.

From there it will sync to the clients, including the v10 client running on the same Mac as legacy.

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