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Using Evernote with sidecar like a wacom tablet

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Title may be a bit vague, but I'll elaborate. 

Is it possible to use an instance of EN on my mac while also running end note on my Ipad Air like a wacom tablet? 

In other words, I want to use the Ipad as an input device for handwritten notes/drawings/annotations on the same note in EN on the mac. It sounds like Sidecar should support this but I can't figure out how to make it work. 


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OK - I'm not an Apple user so these may be dumb questions, but why do you need an Ipad input to a Mac note?  Both devices can run an Evernote app,  and all changes made on either device will sync back to the server copy of that note without worrying about any linkage between them. But. Syncing is not immediate.  You could make a change on the Mac and then add some detail on the tablet - both of which get synced back to the server independently.  You're logged in twice and the server has no way to determine precedence.  You might lose one of the changes or wind up with two notes.  Best to use one device at a time and sync that device before and after making any changes - then go on to the other device for post-processing...  

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SideCar is activated by clicking on the symbol in the menu bar of the Mac. The iPad Must be in the same WIFI network, or even better be connected by a cable to the Mac. In case of an Air you need a USB-C to lightning cable.

When SideCar is active, the iPad behaves like an external monitor. It will not show iOS apps, it will show part of the Mac desktop. So open EN on the Mac, open the note you want to annotate in an own window, and move it to the part of the screen that is shown on the iPad.

Usually (I have not tried it) it should be possible to use the Apple Pencil now on this screen.

There should be no syncing conflict because even when on the iPad screen, you work on the EN client installed on the Mac. This is different from opening a note both on the Mac and iPad client at the same time - this can lead to a syncing error.

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