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Awesome Notes (*.anotes) imports

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Hi all,

I have a problem: I use Awesome Notes on my iphone, and have some important notes I need to retrieve from an old iPhone Backup that I can't restore. I have managed to crack open the backup and retrieve the notes (yay!), however they are in the native ".anotes" file format.

Next, I tried moving them into iTunes to import them on the phone app by synching but it doesn't seem to bring them on.

I know that the AN app syncs with Evernote, so I am wondering if there is a way to import it into evernote, then I could import into the phone from Evernote.... Been at this for 2 weeks now...

Thanks in advance for anyone who cares to help.


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@frenchfilm - Awesome Notes seems to be syncing via the Evernote API, but are storing the notes in their own format. You'd need to contact them for support, or see if there was a way to import it back into AN and then sync to get whatever wasn't sync'd into Evernote.

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17 hours ago, Corner Case said:

@frenchfilm I'm in the exact same bind, though I'd kind of given up after a couple of years. Any tips on how you were able to extract the .anb? I've tried several methods in the past, but all failed to yield a solution :(

Hi.  You're referencing a 2-year old thread on the Legacy version of Evernote for iOS and talking about a file extension that isn't related to Evernote.  Have you tried contacting Awesome Notes?

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