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Cant login in Android App.

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OK I'll ask the obvious question - do you have a solid network connection? Are you able to pull up web pages in a browser?  If you do have a good connection and provided you have no unsynced notes in the account, it's probably best just to uninstall / restart the device / reinstall the app.

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Same issue as the user ampy.  Connection is solid, I can stream HD movies without buffering on my tablet.  I have tried to login using my Evernote login as well as "Continue with Google" but neither work on the tablet yet there are no issues when logging in from either my Desktop or iPhone.  Fresh install of Evernote on a new device.  I have not exceeded my device limit (logged out of the iPhone now).  As strange as it sounds, restarting the android tablet resolved the issue.

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On 8/14/2020 at 12:22 AM, ampy said:

I solved this issue. I downloaded an old version Evernote APK from internet and was able to login. Then I upgraded to latest version.




same issue with the same error message, cannot login on a new (certified preowned) galaxy s10e. Internet connection is strong. Tried uninstalling EN, restarting the phone, and reinstalling the app. Made sure I only had one device registered so there was room for another (I'm a basic user). No luck.

For those who downloaded an old APK, how far back did you have to go (which version)?

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Hello all,

I have the same problem since Aug 22nd. Login Error msg on Android. I have been using Evernote for 10+ years on multiple devices and has been a very happy user. 

Confirming that internet is perfectly fine with 4G and WIFI access, all other apps working fine. Evernote was also working fine till I logged out to test, as same error was reported multiple times from another user from my family (evernote basic user) who was trying to install Evernote on new phone. Now I am also locked out of evernote from my phone!

My account level is Evernote Plus. Have tried all following steps without any luck:
1. Reinstall, restart device 
2. Install older version Evernote_8.13.1.apk

My phone is Samsung Android (8.1.0)

It works fine on Desktop (Win 7) and able to access via browser. 

Have also raised a ticket. Awaiting response from Customer support. 



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I already purchased a new android phone. But since the first time i tried to login to my Evernote account on the new phone (August 15 2020), it kept tell me that i can't login for a while because of the bad internet connection. I'm pretty sure that I was on a good and strong internet connection. one of the wi-fi i use is even on 5G connection. I still can't login till thisa day. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app really didn't help at all. I did it for many times. The problem didn't happen to my old phone and PC. I still can login on my old phone and PC with the same internet connection. Oh, I also tried to login with VPN and it works. I really hope that I didn't have to do this for a long time. I really hope that there's a solution for my problem. thank you



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Same issue here; only sideloading the 2018 v 8.0 apk worked.

Even that was buggy - had to flip between data and wifi off, then tried several different log in options and something worked.

Luckily, was able to update afterwards.

Have Tweeted this thread and a shout-out to Evernote. 

Hopefully there's a resolution for people less savvy.

Lots of free competition with similar offerings these days; hopefully they get on it quick, or they'll loose a lot of users.

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better solution
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I have the same problem when I tried to login with my new phone.

I tried uninstalling, rebooting, uploading the previous version, even used an alternative email! 
None has worked so far.... Am only working on Evernote on my laptop but that doesn't help.
I hope Evernote helps us with a solution soon.

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I think that there can be more problems, just try to access it through your browser and if it works then delete the cache and data and login again, if this wouldn't help, then uninstall and install the app again, if this wouldn't help, then uninstall and install the app again. Also there might pe problems when you use VPN, I know a few situations when people couldn't access evernote because they were using VPN providers and that was strange in my opinion. They should make it work like https://clubvip777.com/web/happyluke/ app, with VPN or without it, I don't see any reasons to block the providers.

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