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  1. Latest developments, my laptop has now refused to log in to Evernote, and the message is exactly the same as on my android phone. What is happening? Is my data lost??? Does anyone have the same problem, not able to log in anywhere???
  2. Hello! Please help, I am having the same problems with most of the above. I use my google account, and have just switched phones. My account is basic. I could not log into Evernote with my phone, and now I cannot even log in on my laptop! I do not know whether my data is still there or not and how do I access it now??? Same message: it says bad internet connection, but it is very good here, as all our computers are online. Please help, I have important data in those notes that have not been transferred. Thank you
  3. I have the same problem when I tried to login with my new phone. I tried uninstalling, rebooting, uploading the previous version, even used an alternative email! None has worked so far.... Am only working on Evernote on my laptop but that doesn't help. I hope Evernote helps us with a solution soon.
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