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Ever note is not easy to navigate

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I really don't know why Evernote makes it so difficult to review or make any comments on their app or even contact them. Today I wanted to go over a group project over this app that required reading and adding notes and suggestions over our essays. however, I couldn't figure out where the Chat button was nor how to create Notes individually. We ended up copying and pasting everything over to Google doc and were able to highlight and make comments on the highlighted phrase by phrase. Google Doc has a lot of features that are free that Ever note doesn't even offer in their premium. I want to be able to directly address my group where I want them to focus on, and expand on a point if needed. But It took too long to figure out and we just moved apps. 

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@Masked_In_Light, welcome to the forums. What platform(s) are you and your group using: Web, Android, Windows, iOS, etc.? It's not precisely clear what you were trying to do and how it was not working. But it may be that Google Docs is better for your specific purpose, since it is designed explicitly for collaboration. Evernote has some collaborative features, especially Evernote Business. Of course, that's definitely not free. It also definitely won't harvest and sell your personal information, or push advertising to you. For some, that's worth the money, but not for all.

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