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Evernote quit unexpectedly.

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My evernote quit whilst I was editing a document. I've been trying to open it up but it always crashes as soon as it loads. I always get the notification "evernote quit unexpectedly". I've tried to restart my laptop and reinstall evernote but it hasn't worked. How can i rectify this issue?

Screenshot 2020-07-09 at 4.31.43 PM.png

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13 hours ago, Dylan Huan said:

I've tried to restart my laptop and reinstall evernote but it hasn't worked. How can i rectify this issue?

Reinstalling Evernote will not fix a corrupted database    
You need to delete the database folder

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The easiest way to make a full reinstall is to use an app like AppCleaner. 

First make sure all of your notes are fully synced (if you can still get access to your EN app).

You start AppCleaner and pull the icon of the App you want to delete on the AppCleaner window. It now finds all elements of the app to purge, and makes a list. Some items are checked and will be deleted by default. Others are listed, but not checked. To delete them as well they need to be checked manually.

With EN the list is longer than the window, so you have to scroll down while checking all items in the list. The database is among the unchecked items. When ALL items in the list are checked, hit uninstall, and they will all be deleted. This means as well all local notebooks will be deleted, so if you have any, make a backup before using AppCleaner !

After uninstalling this way, you can reinstall EN. Use the version from the EN Website, not from the AppStore. Reinstall, log in, and then wait for the new install to download all of your notes from the EN server. By this, you avoid having any corrupted data left over on your Mac that will interfere with the freshly installed EN app.

The app AppCleaner is available for free from the internet.

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