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Adam W

Collaborating with users not (yet) on Evernote

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Hi, I'm new here (altho have used Evernote on and off for a couple of years, and now on Premium).

I want to use Evernote (or maybe another programme?) to collaborate on creative projects either with clients or freelancers that I work with (I'm a film director) and I'd love a simple way I could create a Notebook then share that with another user (in the two last cases neither of them had Evernote) so we could swap notes, voice recordings, links etc on a current project.

However the last two people I tried this with both couldn't access the Notebook, or even when downloaded could add anything to it or see what I had shared, and they are both working remotely so wasn't able to walk them through setting it up.  So it kind of defeats the object of collaborating in a simple or effective way.  I didn't want to commit to working through their technical issues downloading / using it, but would do that, if I could be 100% certain that it would work seamlessly.  I think both of them are Mac users, which I am.

Anyone got a simple step-by-step process to do this?  Thanks in advance! 

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1 hour ago, Adam W said:

Collaborating with users not (yet) on Evernote

We can certainly share our notes with non-evernote users (public browser urls)
however an Evernote account is required for anyone posting "notes, voice recordings, links, etc"

afaik  The only work-around is for these users to mail to your Evernote address

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With apologies to Evernote,  I'd probably say 'Google Docs' off the bat.  Sharing there is pretty transparent and updates are saved back to the server immediately.  With Evernote you have the complication that if you edit a note,  your changes will sync back to the server over the next several minutes (depending on how your account is set up) and if someone else changes that note in the meantime you could wind up with one set of changes being overwritten or both sets being saved as 'conflicting changes'.  It's not usually much of a problem,  but if you're dealing with others,  it helps not to create any potential traps to fall into.

Evernote has a connection with Google -  How to attach Google Drive files to notes - so it should be fairly easy to create a note listing all the files for a project.  If you copy the public share link for that page and send it to your contacts,  they'll always have the most up to date list of files available to them.  There's a slight security hole there - anyone with that URL can see the page.  You may want to password-protect your files individually to avoid mischief.  Evernote notes are not searchable by public search engines unless you actively promote them as such,  so the note won't be found by casual searching,  but the access is there for anyone with the URL.

Hope that helps...

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